Delivering safe and world class schools

The children of the Vale of Clwyd and Wales deserve better than the education the Welsh Labour Government is providing.

Independent inspectors, Estyn, have found that pupils in Wales need more support for their well being and mental health, alongside the additional support needed to address falling standards. Pupils in Wales are still suffering from difficulties caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, from lower oracy skills, to bullying and pupils' mental health, to the poverty gap in education. 

Schools which are already under pressure are now having to face the prospect of implementing a new curriculum with senior education advisors concerned at how unprepared schools were as the new syllabus was rolled out. Wales already has the lowest GCSE results in the UK, so teachers need more support rather than more work. 

Education standards across Wales have been falling, children in the Vale of Clwyd deserve better so they can succeed. I am fighting to ensure our children aren't left behind by the Welsh Labour Government. 

New Denbigh School 

I welcomed the proposals for a new specialist school in Denbigh, to provide tailored education to pupils with autism which will almost double Ysgol Plas Brondyffryn's teaching capacity to 220. However, the new school site is the field next to Denbigh leisure centre. Our community shouldn't have to sacrifice it's limited and important green spaces when brownfield sites are an option. The field is well used by the community with local groups meeting to play sports regularly on the site. 

After Denbighshire Council built a new eco school in Ruthin, it seems unfair to residents that the same council is now proposing the destruction of vital green spaces for another school. Working with residents I will be fighting to ensure that the proposed school site, and other green spaces are saved.